Author: Brandon

Seven Nominees for Court of Appeals Announced

The New York State Commission on Judicial Nomination released a report to the governor today with the names of seven nominees who in their judgment are well qualified to fill the upcoming vacancy on the Court of Appeals created by Associate Judge Leslie E. Stein’s retirement effective June 4, 2021.

Fighting Misinformation: How New Laws Might Help

In order to preserve the rule of law, we need an enlightened citizenry, capable of discerning fact from fiction, on social and news media outlets and honing their ability to debate in public forums with fairness and civility.

Future of Trials in NY Examined in Two New Reports

The Commission to Reimagine the Future of New York’s Courts released two new reports today – one focused on the ways in which emerging technologies may be applied to improve trial practice in New York amid the pandemic and beyond, and the other providing a roadmap for developing procedures to ensure that evidentiary proceedings are conducted safely, effectively and fairly throughout the public health crisis and into the future.