Author: Brandon

Enforcing Mediated Settlement Agreements, or, When Is a Deal Really a Deal: An Analysis of Murphy v. Institute of International Education

Is the mediation agreement enforceable by the defendant? Does a party’s change of heart require deference, where the more detailed settlement agreement had not yet been finalized and signed? Should it matter that plaintiff is pro se and contends that she signed the mediation agreement under duress caused by her court-appointed mediation counsel and the mediator?

People Lie, Bodies Do Not

The most intuitive leaders read bodies well. Use this knowledge to understand dissent and forge consensus in your firm, your family, with clients, judges and juries.

Supreme Court Turns a Blind Eye to Wrongful Convictions, Guts 6th Amendment Rights to Effective Counsel

The Supreme Court’s just-completed term has left many with concerns. In about half the states, women no longer retain their constitutional rights to bodily autonomy and reproductive health.[1] The lines separating what Justice Neil Gorsuch now refers to as the “so-called separation between church and state”[2] have been weakened.[3] New York’s century-old gun safety regulations … Continued