Author: David King

Confronting Implicit Bias in the Courtroom  

Implicit bias and its insidious influence on the justice system was the subject of a NYSBA webinar during a week when the country watched nervously as two trials with major racial connotations came to a head. At the time of the CLE, a jury asked a judge in Wisconsin to rewatch footage taken from the … Continued

CLE Examines how Yazidi Women Were Raped, Then Ostracized

Thousands of Yazidi women who were forced into sex slavery when the Islamic State invaded Sinjar Iraq are unable to return to their former community because the children they had by their captors are unwelcome. Over three thousand women kidnapped by IS are still missing. While the Iraq government and the international community have taken … Continued

How NYSBA Helped Secure the Right to Clean Air and Water for New Yorkers

When he was president of NYSBA in 2015, David Miranda formed a committee on the state constitution in anticipation of  a public question on whether New York should hold a constitutional convention. NYSBA backed the idea but several prominent environmental groups opposed it, fearing a rollback of environmental protections in the wake of  President Donald … Continued

Young Lawyers Debate the Future of Law Firms

A major obstacle looms on the horizon as the pandemic recedes: recruiting and retaining the next generation of superstar lawyers. The key to appeal to that generation is technology just as it is in securing and engaging clients.

NYSBA Forges Alliance With Georgian Bar Association

As part of its mission to forge relationships, advance justice and strengthen the legal profession across the world, the New York State Bar Association entered a collaboration with the Georgian Bar Association today. Two representatives from each bar association met at the Bar Center on Elk Street in Albany on Thursday to sign an official … Continued