Committee on Civil Rights: Haywood Burns Award

To honor an individual, not necessarily a lawyer, who has contributed to New York State in a manner that reflects Dean Burns’ commitment to the struggle for justice and the qualities that made him an outstanding advocate for civil rights and the empowerment of the powerless.

Contact: Karrah Dillman | [email protected]
Deadline: Friday, August 19, 2022
Date to be Presented: Fall 2022
Award: Crystal plaque with inscription

Download Nomination Form (PDF): 2022 Haywwod Burns Call for Nominations


2020 Armen H. Merjian, Esq.
2019 John R. Dunne, Esq.
 Esmeralda Simmons, Esq.
2017 Frederick K. Brewington, Esq.
2016 Vincent Warren
2015 Glenn D. Magpantay, Esq.
2014 Robert Gangi
2013 Howard Glickstein, Esq.
2012 Bryan D. Hetherington, Esq.
2011 Cesar A. Perales, Esq.
2010 Mary Crisalli Sansone
2009 Dr. Parveen Chopra
2008 Donna Lieberman
2007 John F. Boston
2006 Hon. Cornelius Blackshear
2005 Laurie M. Lambrix, Esq.
2004 Leroy Wilson, Jr., Esq.
2003 Juan A. Figueroa
2002 Hon. Ellen M. Yacknin
2001 Rockwell J. Chin, Esq.
2000 Hon. Pam Badoria Jackman Brown, Esq.
1999 Prof. Randolph M. Scott-McLaughlin