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What the Equal Rights Amendment Will Mean in New York

On Nov. 5, 2024, New York voters will be asked to decide whether New York amends its constitution to include an equal rights amendment. Below is a discussion of the amendment and its path to the ballot as well as its potential impact on the rights and protections of New York’s citizens. The timing of … Continued

Decision and Dissent: NYS Court of Appeals Ruling on Redistricting

Host David Miranda is joined by political strategist Liz Benjamin and law professor Vin Bonventre to analyze the recent decision by the NYS Court of Appeals on how the state of New York draws its congressional district boundaries. “New York’s highest court is a 4-3 decision in Hoffman v New York State Independent Redistricting Commission, … Continued

Roundtable: What to Expect in the Fall SCOTUS Term

The roundtable is back after a summer hiatus with a lively discussion on the cases to watch before the Supreme Court this fall. Host David Miranda is joined by Albany Law professor and court expert Vin Bonventre and political strategist Liz Benjamin. Bonventre just published an article in the Bar Journal analyzing the recent 6-3 … Continued

New York State Bar Association ‘Miranda Warnings’ Podcast Interviews Star of ‘Jury Duty’

Photo courtesy: Amazon Freevee  The New York State Bar Association’s latest episode of its “Miranda Warnings” podcast features an interview with Alan Barinholtz talking about his newfound stardom and the success of the comedy series “Jury Duty.” Barinholtz plays Judge Alan Rosen in the eight-part series. The show examines what it’s like to be on … Continued

NYS Legislative Session: Historic or Ho Hum? The Roundtable Weighs In

From assigned counsel rates, to the repeal of Judiciary law 470, and Clean Slate, the Miranda Warnings Roundtable dissects the wins and losses of the session which just wrapped up this week. Listen to the podcast with David Miranda, Liz Benjamin and Vin Bonventre here or watch the video on You Tube.  

Miranda Warnings Podcast: Dick Lewis Lays Out His Agenda

As the legal profession emerges from the pandemic, Binghamton attorney Richard C. Lewis is launching his ambitious agenda to reshape the New York State Bar Association to better assist lawyers and improve the lives of struggling New Yorkers.Lewis, who has been the association’s president-elect for the past year, officially takes over the top spot today … Continued

May It Please the Campus: The Rise of the Lawyer as College President

There is a growing trend of more college and university administrations being led by attorneys. It’s the subject of a new book by Touro Law professor Patricia Salkin, May It Please the Campus: Lawyers Leading Higher Education. She discussed her book and its research with NYSBA General Counsel and host of the Miranda Warnings podcast … Continued