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Remembering Ken Screven

Screven, the first African-American television reporter and news anchor in Albany, joined us in July 2018 to look back at his career on the first season of Miranda Warnings.

Linda Greenhouse Joins “Miranda Warnings” to discuss the politicization of the Supreme Court

Author, journalist and Supreme Court expert Linda Greenhouse discusses the court’s conservative transformation and her book “Justice on the Brink.” Pulitzer Prize winner Linda Greenhouse shares her deep understanding of the Supreme Court and lays out how the institution has gone from being seen as above the political fray to being a deeply political institution. … Continued

Miranda Warnings: The Exoneration of Anthony Broadwater

This week on Miranda Warnings defense attorneys J. David Hammond and Melissa Swartz discuss their successful efforts to exonerate Anthony Broadwater who served 16 years in prison for the rape of author Alice Sebold. The attorneys detail how a producer on a film adaptation of Sebold’s book started to doubt Broadwater’s guilt which lead to … Continued