Established in 1979, the Committee on Children and the Law is charged with the responsibility of rendering information and guidance to the Executive Committee, the legal community and the public on the effect of existing laws and pending legislation impacting children, and the administration of juvenile justice and child welfare.

In furthering its mission, the Committee:

  • Examines, studies and provides comment and reports on legal issues related to the rights and interests of children, in particular those involved in court proceedings;
  • Formulates and, with the approval of the Executive Committee, publishes practice standards for attorneys representing children in New York and periodically revises these standards so as to keep them current with the development of the law;
  • Drafts and promotes original legislation which it believes is necessary or useful to the rights and interests of children;
  • Develops, coordinates and conducts continuing educational programs; and
  • Recognizes, at least annually, contributions to the areas of juvenile justice and child welfare.

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Special Education Law Update (Albany)

This program, featuring well recognized practitioners in Special Education Law, will present valuable information and practical pointers across a broad spectrum of topics.

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