Mission Statement

The Committee will work to develop programming regarding, increase awareness of, engage in advocacy for and enter strategic collaborations to support the legal issues and needs of military personnel and Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families (the “Military Community”).

In developing programming and increasing awareness, the Committee will work with other Sections and Committees of the New York State Bar Association (“NYSBA”) and other legal services organizations to offer training and information as well as to expand the breadth of knowledge with respect to the rights of, and to evaluate, understand and address legal issues  on topics of particular relevance to, the Military Community, ensuring that the attorneys serving the Military Community have the tools needed to be most effective in that representation. Such

Committee on Veterans topics would include family law, employment law, benefits, health law, criminal matters, financial protections, business operations, etc.

In engaging in advocacy, the Committee will work to identify State and Federal legislation that impacts the Military Community and address needed changes or additions and work with NYSBA’s Public Policy professionals to communicate those needs to the appropriate legislative bodies. In entering strategic collaborations, the Committee will work with both other Sections and Committees of NYSBA and with other organizations working with and for the Military Community to expand the reach of the Committee’s work, collaborating with them on new programs and efforts and identifying and supporting the existing programs and efforts of those groups. Such collaborations will aid in the Committee’s effort to help the Military Community access appropriate and effective legal representation and to provide relevant information on legal rights and services both to the Community and to the attorneys who serve them.

(Revised Jan 2020)

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