Formed: June 1, 1952

The Nominating Committee shall submit nominations of candidates for all offices required by Article XIV of the constitution to be filled by election at each Annual Meeting or at the meeting of the House of Delegates immediately following each Annual Meeting. Its report of such nominations shall be filed with the secretary not later than forty days before the meetings and shall be open to inspection by any member of the Association.

Any fifty members of the Association with respect to any of the offices to be filled, or any ten members residing in a judicial district with respect to the offices of vice president and elected delegate from that district, may also nominate candidates by filing a separate nomination for each candidate and office, signed by such members, with the secretary not later than twenty-five days before the meeting at which the election is to take place. The secretary shall report all nomination made by the nominating committee or by members to the members of the Association, by means of any publication of the Association sent to all members. Nominations not so made shall not be considered or voted upon.

Not later than twenty days before the first scheduled meeting of the House of Delegates after march 1 of each year, the nominating committee shall also file with the secretary a written report of its nomination of three members of the House of Delegates to serve as members-at-large of the nominating committee during the following year. Notice of such nominations shall be given by the secretary to all members of the House of Delegates before the meeting.

For any questions related to the Nominating Committee or open positions, please contact:

Scott M. Karson, Esq.
Chair, Nominating Committee
[email protected]

David P. Miranda, Esq.
NYSBA, Staff Liaison
[email protected]

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