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New York’s Red Flag & Conceal Carry Law Changes: Practical Overview of Processes/Proceedings

New York’s Red Flag & Conceal Carry Law Changes: Practical Overview of Processes/Proceedings

New York’s New Conceal Carry Law_675

Broad summary of provisions:

•    amends section 400.00 of the penal law: to define good moral character, provide new eligibility requirements, which include passing a firearms safety course; additional disqualifying offenses and eligibility requirements; 

o    Disqualifying: Applicant convicted within 5 years of application for 1) assault in the 3rd, 2) DWI, 3) Menacing

o    Additional requirements: interview, contact of all residing with applicant, character references, access to applicants social media accounts, and any information required by a licensing officer reasonably necessary and related to the review of licensing.

•    to create an appeals process for applicants who are denied, or licenses which are revoked;

•    require concealed carry 2(f) licenses to recertify and renew their license after three years; 

•    to provide that conduct that would result in a denial of a license would also operate as a ground for revocation of a license, and a material false statement would result in revocation of a license, issued to a licensee in writing.

•    DCJS and State police will create a safety training course and appeals board

•    Creates E felony- Sensitive locations where possession and carrying of firearms, rifles or shotguns are prohibited and specifies certain individuals exempt.

o    Any place owned or under control of federal, state or local gov.

o    Any location proving health, behavioral health or chemical dependence care

o    Any place of worship

o    Libraries, public playgrounds, public parks and zoos

o    OCFS certified daycares

o    Nursery schools, preschools and summer camps

o    Location of program licensed, regulated, certified, operated or funded by OPWDD, office of additction services, OMH, or OTDA.

o    Homeless, youth, DV, and emergency shelters.

o    Schools

o    Public transportation

o    Any establishment that can serve cannabis or alcohol.

o    Any place used for performance, art entertainment, gaming or sporting events.

o    Polling places

o    Public sidewalk or other public area that has been restricted from general public access by a gov. entity , or is subject to heightened law enforcement protection  or other areas restricted by gov. entity.

o    Any protest or gathering around constitutional rights

o    Times square.

    These provisions will not apply to certain groups such as police, peace officers, security guards, etc.

•    requiring DCJS to conduct a monthly check of licensees' records for criminal conviction, criminal indictment, mental health, extreme risk protection orders, orders of protection, and other records. 

•    Creates license and record database for ammunition sales and qualifies how ammunition can be sold.

•    new safe storage laws for rifles, shotguns, and firearms in vehicles.

•    Allows locals to enact more restrictive laws.

•    Replaces “body vest” with a more expansive “body armor” definition which includes any product that is a personal protective body covering intended to protect against gunfire and makes conforming changes throughout the penal law.

•    authorizing State police to run national instant criminal background checks and serve as a State point of contact for other relevant records from DCJS, OCA, DOH, OMH and other local entities.

•    Expands background checks for firearm transfer and background checks

•    modify the definition of Rifle and Shotgun

•    Certain provisions of the bill start to go into effect as early as September 2022.

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