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The Impact Of COVID-19 On Human Trafficking In The Labor Market

The Impact Of COVID-19 On Human Trafficking In The Labor Market

The Impact of COVID-19 on Human Trafficking_675

Human Trafficking has been a crime in New York State since 2007. Since then, over 75% of human trafficking cases identified through the New York State referral process have involved victims of sex trafficking. Labor trafficking is also a significant problem, however, it is often underreported, in part, because it affects some of New York State’s most vulnerable populations.


Industries affected by labor trafficking include domestic home health care workers, and the construction and hospitality sectors.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all aspects of life, and exacerbated vulnerabilities that traffickers prey upon when manipulating their victims. This has had a huge impact on victims of labor trafficking.


There are new tools in the fight against human trafficking,  including the expansion of vacatur laws and more assistance for victims through statewide providers. The ability to identify victims of human trafficking is essential in getting the necessary services to those who need them.  Often victims are identified by those who may have incidental contact with them, such as medical providers at a health care facility or attorneys working with clients on immigration or criminal matters. This program will discuss how attorneys can identify victims of human trafficking, in particular in the labor market, and the laws and services that exist in New York State to provide a path to freedom from trafficking for those victims

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  • January 13, 2022
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