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Unrecognizable woman signing contract at meeting_tone

Ethics Opinion 1204

Topic: Law Firm Letterhead Digest: A law firm that has purchased a retired (and now deceased) lawyer’s practice may list on the purchasing law firm’s letterhead the name and dates of operation of the former law firm. Rules: 7.1(a), 7.5(a) FACTS 1. The inquiring lawyer is a member of a law firm with two offices. … Continued
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Ethics Opinion 1203

Topic: Withdrawal from representation based on attorney health concerns Digest: An attorney may withdraw from representation, with the permission of the Immigration Court, based on fear of contracting COVID-19 as a result of in-person appearances in the proceeding, where such fear renders it difficult for the attorney to carry out the representation effectively. Rules: 1.0(w), … Continued
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Ethics Opinion 1202

Topic: Legal fees Digest: A lawyer may charge a fixed fee for a matter as long as it is not excessive, and the lawyer specifies the services that are included in the engagement. The client must remain liable for costs, other than as permitted by Rule 1.8(e). The lawyer may require advance payment of fees, … Continued
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Scales of justice and Gavel on wooden table and Lawyer or Judge working with agreement in Courtroom, Justice and Law concept

Ethics Opinion 1201

Topic: Retired lawyers; referral fees Digest: A lawyer who received a referral of a contingency-fee wrongful death matter from a lawyer who later retired under the rules of the Office of Court Administration before the conclusion of the case may share the legal fee with the retired lawyer if the latter assumed joint responsibility for … Continued
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Ethics Opinion 1200

Topic: Dual practice as a lawyer and wealth management provider; conflicts of interest Digest: A lawyer may not simultaneously provide legal services and wealth management services to a client for separate fees. A lawyer may provide wealth management services to non-law clients, subject to Rule 5.7. A lawyer may not refer a law client to … Continued
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Ethics Opinion 1199

Topic: Attorney website to assist pro se litigants; marketing of legal services Digest: An attorney may, under certain conditions, establish a separate business through a website to assist pro se litigants with filings through an automated system where the business will not be providing individualized legal advice or advertising a law firm’s legal services. If … Continued
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How a Question Becomes an Ethics Opinion

Ethics Opinion 1198

Topic: Former government lawyer disclosure of confidential government information Digest: A former government lawyer is permitted to disclose confidential information of a former client if the lawyer reasonably believes it is necessary to comply with a court order. Upon receiving the subpoena or court order, the lawyer must first consult with the former client and, … Continued
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Ethics Opinion 1197

Is a lawyer participating in a free legal services program and receiving a nominal fee from the program administrator subject to the full panoply of provisions governing conflicts of interests set out in the Rules?
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Ethics Opinion 1196

Topic: Litigation Financing, Conflicts of Interest.
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Ethics Opinion 1195

Topic: Attorney’s obligation to accept client files from prior law firm.
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