Month: December 2020

OCA To Begin Publishing Criminal Case Data

Good afternoon Members, During her weekly coronavirus update today, Chief Judge Janet DiFiore announced that the New York State Unified Court System’s Division of Technology and Court Research will begin publishing monthly online statistical reports on misdemeanor and felony offenses and violations from courts across the state. The Police Statistics and Transparency Act, in this … Continued

It’s Complicated: What Lawyers Need to Know About Taxes While Working Remotely

The shift towards remote work for millions of U.S. employees can have significant tax implications for businesses. There is potential long-term impact as employers rethink the need for expensive spaces and shift to partial or fully-remote workforces. Potential tax implications include payroll tax, corporate income and franchise tax, as well as taxes imposed based on … Continued

NYSBA President Scott M. Karson Applauds State Court System Commission For Stance Against Nonlawyer Ownership In New York

Scott M. Karson, president of the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA), issued the following statement applauding the Unified State Court System’s Commission to Reimagine the Future of New York’s Courts for its stance against nonlawyer ownership of law firms: “The prohibition against nonlawyer ownership of law firms is the long-established policy of the New … Continued

Do You Trust Yourself With Trust Accounting?

Properly maintaining a trust account is integral to your practice, and could affect your law license! If you’re accepting advance payments from your clients, or receiving money on their behalf, you will need to maintain a trust account. What’s more, you will need to maintain a compliant trust account.

Supreme Shift: What the 6-3 Conservative Majority Means Going Forward

It was a year of momentous decisions followed by the loss of an iconic justice. The immediate past term saw the Supreme Court address an unusually high number of consequential, politically charged issues. The Court rendered historic rulings on presidential immunity and accountability, free exercise of religion, LGBTQ rights, abortion rights, jury trial rights, the … Continued