Practice Area: International Law

Human Rights Lawyer Honored by New York State Bar Association’s International Law Section  

Human rights attorney Becca Heller is being honored by her peers for her dedication to displaced people who are victims of war, religious persecution, and natural disasters. Members of the New York State Bar Association’s International Section gave her the Distinction in International Law and Affairs Award which recognizes excellence in the practice of International … Continued

New York State Bar Association’s Governing Body Condemns Terrorist Attacks Against Israel, Calls for Return of All Hostages

The New York State Bar Association’s governing body on Saturday condemned Hamas’ unprovoked attack on Israel on Oct. 7 and called for all the hostages to be released. The resolution cites these atrocities: children who were decapitated, civilians burned beyond recognition, women brutally raped,  Israelis massacred at a music festival and civilians kidnapped. “The murder … Continued

Space Law: Expanding To Cover the Moon, the Stars and Beyond

As humans race to explore the cosmos, the law has some catching up to do. While treaties provide guidance, a lot of legal issues in space exploration remain unaddressed and untested. A recent Continuing Legal Education course, hosted by the New York State Bar Association, discussed developments in space law and how they might apply … Continued

New York State Bar Association Criticizes Hong Kong Government’s Action Against Pro-Democracy Legislator

New York State Bar Association President Richard Lewis issued the following statement about Dennis W.H. Kwok: Recently, the Hong Kong government issued an arrest warrant and a bounty of HK$1,000,000 (about US$127,500) for Dennis W.H. Kwok, a Hong Kong barrister, accusing him of committing an offense under Hong Kong’s draconian National Security Law for “collusion … Continued

NYSBA Signs Memorandum of Understanding With Bar Association of Serbia

The New York State Bar Association entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Bar Association of Serbia during a virtual ceremony today. The agreement provides a framework for the two bar associations to discuss issues such as trade, international business transactions, commercial disputes, human rights, and the transnational delivery of legal services. “You never … Continued