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Bored Apes and Monkey Selfies: Copyright and PFP NFTs

What do the monkey selfie and the “Bored Ape Yacht Club” images pictured above have in common? Both depict grinning primates, of course. But less obviously, both may lack copyright. You may recall a dispute between Naruto the monkey and a photographer whose camera Naruto borrowed to take a selfie. The photographer argued that he … Continued

The Business of Law: On the Verge of Disruption

The latest evolution of the internet, known as Web3, will disrupt all aspects of the legal profession, from drafting contracts and filing documents to storing records and establishing trademarks. As corporate leaders, government entities and philanthropic organizations embrace this technology, tech-savvy attorneys who understand the implications will be rewarded with enormous opportunities to expand their … Continued

Leading the Way for Lawyers on Crypto

In financial circles, summer 2022 will go down in history as the summer of the crypto crash – a moment of reckoning for a once high-flying industry when a toxic combination of overheated growth, speculation and risk resulted in crippling losses for thousands of investors. Crypto naysayers are engaged in a series of “I told … Continued