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Substance Use

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues: This is Us

Becoming an Alcoholic in Private-Living in Recovery in Public

Never Alone: Addiction, Recovery and Community

Beyond the Silence: Removing the Stigma Around Addiction


Why Burnout Is So Pertinent in Lawyers…and How To Recognize It

What Makes Lawyers Happy

Anxiety a Slippery Slope

Vicarious Trauma is Real

How to Help Judges in Need of Help

One Lawyer Living and Working with Depression

Grief and Loss: It May Not Be Such a Strange Topic for September

Time to Change the Clock (SAD) 

Trauma, Mental Health and the Lawyer

How the Profession I Love Took a Toll on My Health

We Need More Optimists in the Legal Profession

Mental Health Challenges for Lawyers: Remove the Stigma, Expand Services



Let’s Get Physical: Get Moving for Attorney Well-Being

The Case for Attorney Wellness

Go to Bed: The Ethics of Exhausted Lawyering

Season’s Wellness

Attorney Wellness in a Nutshell


Finding a Health Way to Transform Our Lives as We Retire

Legal Culture Must Change for Attorneys to Thrive

NYSBA Makes Progress in Effort to Remove Mental Health Question From Bar Application

November 4, 2019: NYSBA Receives Overwhelming Support for Proposal to Eliminate Mental Health Questions from NY’s Bar Application






Helping Working Parents Keep Their Lives in Balance 

How a Group of Lawyers Came Together for a Year Despite Isolation

LAP History


30 Years of the LAP: Countless Lives Saved and Careers Resurrected

AWB History

How a Lunch Between Dear Friends Led to a Movement to Change the Legal Culture

This is Us: From Striving Alone to Thriving Together-TF on Attorney Well-Being Report 

After Groundbreaking Report, NYSBA Looks for Next Steps on Attorney Well-Being

State Bar Association President Scott Karson Establishes Attorney Well-Being Task Force To Improve The Legal Profession

Attorney Well-Being Takes on Added Urgency as NYSBA Looks To Solve Long-Standing Problems

NYSBA Proposes Sweeping Changes Across Legal System To Prioritize Attorney Well-Being

Suffering in Silence No More: Will Lawyers’ Stories Lead To Change?

Lawyer Assistance Program Playlist:

Well-Being – YouTube:

Mindful Moments: Spring Meditation Series

Fridays 1:30 -2:00 pm

The Attorney Well-Being Program integrates an intentional mindful moment into work week with a regular meditation series. These half hour drop-in sessions are offered weekly and open to all. A variety of topics will help legal professionals explore their internal relationship with concepts of compassion, joy, rest and more. Each program in this series opens with a 20-minute mindfulness practice to schedule a moment of intention the workweek. The final 10 minutes of scheduled programming are open to community discussion and thought sharing, which may help to overcome barriers and build connection. All are welcome to join this free series on a drop-in basis, but registration for each weekly session is required.

Finding Focus: Co-Working Group 

Mondays 3:00-400 pm

The Attorney Well-Being Program presents “Finding Focus” a virtual co-working group to improve time management and increase productivity. This group encourages a community-based approach to independent work. Join us for 45 minutes of uninterrupted work and wrap up the hour with collaborative discussion.

Links to any recommended external resources

  • Trusted Advisor Network for coaches/professionals (WBP)
  • Directory of therapist/counselors/services providers (LAP)
  • Venders with any NYSBA perks/offers (discount codes, Etc.)
  • Recommended resources (apps, podcasts, books. Etc.)

Coming soon

2024 LAP Spring Retreat Registration Now OPEN

May 17-19, 2024, Silver Bay, Lake George, NY

Silver Bay

For 2024, The Retreat theme is Practicing the Principals in All Our Affairs. Join the LAP community on the shores of beautiful Lake George to learn more about incorporating the principals of recovery into all aspects of your life. Recovery encompasses many facets including substance use as well as mental health challenges. The skills learned in recovery are life skills applicable to everyone, whether in active recovery or providing support to someone that is. All are welcome.

This year, you can expect a fulfilling weekend including recovery meetings, inspirational speakers, thought provoking programming which includes 2 CLE credits, and moments of quiet reflection. Family is encouraged to attend!

Registration is $185.00.

Guest/Family members 16 and over is $140.00

Guest/Family members 5-16 is $40.00

The registration fee covers the cost of two catered dinners on Friday and Saturday evenings.

**The registration fee reflects a $50 scholarship for the first 50 registered attendees and guests.

If you would like to donate to the Spring Retreat Scholarship Fund, please email Stacey Whiteley at [email protected].

Scholarships are available and easy to apply for, contact Stacey Whiteley [email protected].

The Balance

The Lawyer Assistance and Attorney Well-Being Newsletter.


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