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Enforcing Mediated Settlement Agreements, or, When Is a Deal Really a Deal: An Analysis of Murphy v. Institute of International Education

Is the mediation agreement enforceable by the defendant? Does a party’s change of heart require deference, where the more detailed settlement agreement had not yet been finalized and signed? Should it matter that plaintiff is pro se and contends that…
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Curing Gig Economy Worker Misclassification During COVID-19 and Beyond

Gig companies want to keep costs low and increase profits; gig workers, on the other hand, want to maintain flexibility but still retain basic worker protections. So, this begs the question: can we achieve a system in which gig companies…
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People Lie, Bodies Do Not

The most intuitive leaders read bodies well. Use this knowledge to understand dissent and forge consensus in your firm, your family, with clients, judges and juries.
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NYSBA Serves as a Guiding Light and Provides Common Ground During Critical Policy Debates

These are challenging times, but we are strong and dedicated. NYSBA is a home for everyone and a guiding light in these uncertain times.
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From Village to County to State: Task Force To Review the Ethics of Government Lawyering

The New York State Bar Association is launching a task force to examine the difficult challenges faced by public sector lawyers who represent government entities ranging from a local village board to a massive state agency.
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Supreme Court Turns a Blind Eye to Wrongful Convictions, Guts 6th Amendment Rights to Effective Counsel

The Supreme Court’s just-completed term has left many with concerns. In about half the states, women no longer retain their constitutional rights to bodily autonomy and reproductive health.[1] The lines separating what Justice Neil Gorsuch now refers to as the…
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American Bar Association Approves New York State Bar Association-Sponsored Resolutions on Guns, War Crimes, Legal Ethics and U.S. Territories

“I am proud to take a leadership role in the efforts to establish equal rights for the people of the U.S. Territories, eliminate the territorial doctrine and finally dismantle the racism and racist notions that still exist as “good law”…
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Trigger Tranquility, Not Outrage: What the Heard-Depp Trial Can Teach Clients About Communicating During Disputes

The ongoing connection between Heard and Depp, the effect of social media influencers on both and the notoriety of the trial make this case an excellent pedagogical tool to teach clients about the dangers of using social media and online…
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The Supreme Court’s Bruen Decision and Its Impact: What Comes Next?

Ensuring that thorough background checks can be completed in all transfers of firearms is crucial, in addition to providing law enforcement with access to the most complete set of records regarding a person’s background with respect to disqualifying factors.
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NYSBA Volunteers Help Ukrainian Refugees Emigrate with their Pets

Lawyers with the Committee on Animals and the Law at the New York State Bar Association are helping Ukrainian refugees who are entering the United States with their family pets as they escape their war-torn homeland. NYSBA members Nancy Volin…
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NYSBA produces and releases a variety of publications that pertain to case law, procedural developments, practice management, and a host of other topics of interest to legal professionals. Learn more by selecting a publication below, and read the latest issue or browse the archives. Note: Some issues and archives require you to login to the site first to access.


Bar Journal: July-August 2022 Edition

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State Bar News Summer 2022

State Bar News: Summer 2022 Edition

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CasePrep Plus

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New York State Law Digest: August 2022 Edition

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