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Why Burnout Is So Pertinent in Lawyers…and How To Recognize It

It is well known that lawyers are exposed to the trauma that their clients experience and disproportionately suffer from high levels of depression and substance use compared to social workers, mental health professionals and doctors. These were among several key takeaways from Dr. Kerry O’Hara, Psy.D. (DBT Wellness & Psychological Services) on the recent CLE … Continued

Going Off on Your Own: Your Guide to Running a Modern Law Firm

While many attorneys both new and experienced find rich and fulfilling careers joining an existing law firm, many also make the bold decision to branch out and build their own law firm from scratch. Starting your own business can be simultaneously exciting and nerve-racking. It requires careful planning and commitment to get off to a … Continued

Lawyers Must Be Salespeople but it Shouldn’t Feel Sleazy

For a lawyer, trying to sign up a client should feel like you’re helping someone and not like you’re selling a car. Being a salesperson is not sleazy; it is necessary if you want to make a living, said Carol Schiro Greenwald at the recent CLE Webinar, “Presenting Your Best ‘You’ To Your Best Prospects.” … Continued

Lawyers Who Accept War-like Personas Carry Heavy Burden

As a practicing attorney and licensed psychologist, I have observed many of my attorney colleagues who have suffered with anxiety and depression. However, acknowledgement of their suffering has been somewhat taboo. It is for this reason, when I was asked to be a member of the New York State Bar Association’s Task Force on Attorney … Continued

Legal Culture Must Change for Attorneys to Thrive

The definition of “culture,” according to Merriam-Webster, is the “set of values, conventions, or social practices associated with a particular field, activity, or societal characteristic.” Put more simply, culture is the way we operate. It is defined by our behaviors, not our mission or business statements. In looking at the culture of the legal profession, … Continued

How the Profession I Love Took a Toll on My Health

Being a lawyer is stressful in the best of times. Rates of mental illness, fatigue, substance use and other health issues are higher for those in the law than in any other profession. I recognize this firsthand, as the profession has exacted a physical toll on me. I am a Type 2 diabetic who takes … Continued

Connecting with Clients During COVID-19

When you think about your practice, the most important part is your clients.  And now is the perfect time to connect and reconnect with clients. Carol Schiro Greenwald, Ph.D., discussed simple ways to effectively connect and communicate with clients on the recent CLE webinar, “Do Your Clients Know You Care?” Greenwald said that as COVID-19 … Continued