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7 Ways Lawyers Can Improve Accounts Receivable Collections 

Earning money and collecting money are two very different things. You can put in long hours for a client, obtain a successful result, and still be left with an unpaid invoice for your trouble.  Lawyers experience this all too often—on cases that no one intended to be pro bono.    In this article, we’ll cover what … Continued

Dispelling Misperceptions About Preventing a Cyberattack

Law firms cannot prevent online theft through readily available software programs, and clinging to this idea leaves them vulnerable to breaches and revenue losses. Cyberattacks can harm a firm’s reputation and lead to the inadvertent release of clients’ private data. Those were the humbling takeaways of Wednesday’s webinar: Surviving the Worldwide Cyber Pandemic. To counter … Continued

New York State Bar Association Launches Enterprise Firm Membership Initiative With Inaugural Member Whiteman Osterman & Hanna

The New York State Bar Association announced the launch of a new enterprise firm membership initiative, which provides a suite of services specifically tailored to meet the needs of an entire firm, including streamlined access to association resources, enhanced benefits, discounted pricing and more. In addition, the association is pleased to announce that Whiteman Osterman … Continued

Trauma, Mental Health and the Lawyer

So, Netflix has this intriguing series called “The Sinner,” starring Bill Pullman as an empathetic police detective who is characterized by his ability to see beyond the conventional facts of a crime presented in the opening episode of each season. In Season One, Cora Tennetti (Jessica Biel) is a typical upstate New York mother and … Continued

People Lie, Bodies Do Not

The most intuitive leaders read bodies well. Use this knowledge to understand dissent and forge consensus in your firm, your family, with clients, judges and juries.