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Understanding ADHD and Its Impact on Your Practice

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD as it is commonly known, is not only a childhood condition. It is a neurodevelopmental disorder that begins in childhood and stays into adulthood, although symptoms may change over time. The challenges for adults, specifically lawyers, living with ADHD was the subject of a recent program sponsored by the … Continued

Diamonds in the Rough Notes: The Importance of Obtaining Informal Notes of Witness Statements

For the trial attorney, familiarity with prosecution witnesses’ statements is fundamental to effective trial preparation. A recent federal health care fraud case in Texas underscores just how critical it is for defense counsel to vigorously pursue discovery of witness statements – not just those formalized in memoranda written by government agents, but also those contained … Continued

Delivering A Simple Text Does Not Always Send A Clear Message

We can be our own worst enemies when we use technology because its familiarity can put us in denial about its risks and shortcomings. Using a standard Short Message Service is a daily occurrence for anyone who sends text messages from one phone to another through a cellular data network. The simplicity of SMS texting … Continued

Using AI in Your Practice? Proceed With Caution

To the Forum: Our firm was recently retained to handle a highly complex commercial action. The client is extremely cost-sensitive and asked that we do our best to keep costs lean wherever possible. We have been working on this case for several months, and the client has already asked for several discounts on their bill. … Continued

Can New York Personal Injury Attorneys Still Get Leads Online? 

Personal Injury Attorneys who display on the front page of Google usually obtain significantly more leads than those who do not. That’s because most people who need an attorney search Google.  Of course, some people get a referral from a friend or an acquaintance, but most people are searching online, and most people are searching … Continued

Artificial Intelligence and the Practice of Law in the 21st Century

The legal system has never been quick to embrace change. Whether it is electronic research, electronic filing, video depositions or artificial intelligence, most of the legal system will be dragged into the future kicking, screaming and holding on to whatever antiquated methods it can sink its claws into. This is, of course, true not just … Continued

7 Ways Lawyers Can Improve Accounts Receivable Collections 

Earning money and collecting money are two very different things. You can put in long hours for a client, obtain a successful result, and still be left with an unpaid invoice for your trouble.  Lawyers experience this all too often—on cases that no one intended to be pro bono.    In this article, we’ll cover what … Continued