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An Interview with Smokeball Founder & CEO Hunter Steele

Smokeball started as a legal technology start-up in Sydney early in the 21st century. Since its founding it’s expanded not just across Australia, but across the United States as well. Our VP of Marketing, Chris Gerben, sat down with Hunter Steele, Smokeball’s Founder and CEO, to trace the roots of the company. CG: Smokeball is … Continued

Ethics Opinions 1208

Topic: Solicitation and Referral of Real Estate Matters by Real Estate Broker Employed by Lawyer as Paralegal Digest: A lawyer who has no financial interest in the commission generated by a real estate transaction may accept referrals for real estate closings from her paralegal who is also a real estate broker, provided such referrals will … Continued

Ethics Opinion 1207

Topic: Firm names; trade names Digest: A law firm may practice in New York using a name that does not include the name of any lawyer currently or formerly practicing in the firm (i.e., under a “trade name”) as long as the name under which the firm practices is not false, deceptive or misleading. A … Continued

Why Burnout Is So Pertinent in Lawyers…and How To Recognize It

It is well known that lawyers are exposed to the trauma that their clients experience and disproportionately suffer from high levels of depression and substance use compared to social workers, mental health professionals and doctors. These were among several key takeaways from Dr. Kerry O’Hara, Psy.D. (DBT Wellness & Psychological Services) on the recent CLE … Continued

Going Off on Your Own: Your Guide to Running a Modern Law Firm

While many attorneys both new and experienced find rich and fulfilling careers joining an existing law firm, many also make the bold decision to branch out and build their own law firm from scratch. Starting your own business can be simultaneously exciting and nerve-racking. It requires careful planning and commitment to get off to a … Continued

Lawyers Must Be Salespeople but it Shouldn’t Feel Sleazy

For a lawyer, trying to sign up a client should feel like you’re helping someone and not like you’re selling a car. Being a salesperson is not sleazy; it is necessary if you want to make a living, said Carol Schiro Greenwald at the recent CLE Webinar, “Presenting Your Best ‘You’ To Your Best Prospects.” … Continued