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COVID-19 and Its Lasting Impact on the Legal Profession

Most firms found that remote work did not impact productivity, although those unable to create a separate office space faced greater challenges. Similarly, most felt that client service levels did not decline. But many have missed the collaborative and collegial aspects of in office activity.

Attorney Professionalism Forum – Bad Review on the Internet

As an attorney with an unblemished record, it is surely disconcerting to see your reputation maligned by a former client’s online rant, especially since in these times negative social media posting may remain on the internet forever. When a search of your name reveals a negative internet posting, you can either ignore it or do something to lessen its impact. Hopefully, we can offer you advice as to how to protect your interests ethically and professionally.

How a Group of Lawyers Came Together for a Year Despite Isolation

A year ago, as the worldwide coronavirus pandemic spread to New York, Libby Coreno, co-chair of NYSBA’s Task Force on Attorney Well-Being, and Dr. Kerry O’Hara, a clinical psychologist, were preparing to launch a five-part NYSBA podcast series to help lawyers with wellness issues. Life had been turned upside down and lawyers were no exception. … Continued