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Lawrence Garbuz, New York’s First Known COVID-19 Case, Reveals What He Learned About Attorney Well-Being From the Virus

Manhattan Attorney Lawrence Garbuz was dubbed “patient zero” after testing positive in the first known New York City coronavirus case, which led to the shutdown of his suburban neighborhood of New Rochelle. The moniker, he says, may be a bit unfair since other people unknowingly had coronavirus, but the 50-year-old with no underlying health conditions … Continued

How the Profession I Love Took a Toll on My Health

Being a lawyer is stressful in the best of times. Rates of mental illness, fatigue, substance use and other health issues are higher for those in the law than in any other profession. I recognize this firsthand, as the profession has exacted a physical toll on me. I am a Type 2 diabetic who takes … Continued

COVID-19 and Restrictive Covenant Agreements

This article discusses the risks employers may encounter in enforcing their employees’ covenants not to compete, not to solicit or service clients, or not to solicit or hire employees (“restrictive covenants”) if they lay off employees or reduce their compensation.

Workers’ Comp and Working at Home

The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the United States and the world has been enormous and historic. The economic impact on the world has been extraordinary. Following the World Health Organization’s declaration on March 11, 2020 that COVID-19 was a global pandemic, by March 31, 2020, more than one-third of humanity was under some form of lockdown, and by April 7, 2020, roughly 95% of all Americans were under lockdown with 42 states declaring stay-at-home orders.

Why Facial Recognition Technology Is Flawed

What do Steve Talley and Robert Julian-Borchak Williams have in common? Both men share the dubious distinction of false arrest by law enforcement using facial recognition technology. In December 2015, the Denver police using facial comparison technology falsely arrested Mr. Talley when he was identified as a suspect in an armed bank robbery.[1] Prior to … Continued

Thoughts on Legal Writing from the Greatest of Them All: David Mellinkoff

“After six hundred years of lawsuits caused by language atrocities, a terrible suspicion is born. Maybe the lawyers don’t understand each other.”[1] David Mellinkoff, late Professor of Law at UCLA School of Law, is best known for authoring a series of books that decried the use of impenetrable language by lawyers and which contributed to … Continued