Practice Area: Real Property Law

The First Quarter of 2021 Is Over: Where Are We?

Like every other aspect of life in New York, over the past year, real property leasing, lending and sales have been turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic. Countless tenants and property owners have failed to pay full rent or mortgage payments, but have been protected from immediate dispossession through at least May 1, 2021 … Continued

Alternatives to Eviction: Legal Remedies When Faced with a Mentally Ill Tenant

Whether representing condominium boards, homeowners’ associations, cooperatives, or landlords, attorneys practicing real property law, or in related areas, should be familiar with the use of various New York Mental Hygiene Law tools when faced with worrisome conduct of a symptomatic mentally ill individual in a a building or residence.

Ethics Opinion 1208

Topic: Solicitation and Referral of Real Estate Matters by Real Estate Broker Employed by Lawyer as Paralegal Digest: A lawyer who has no financial interest in the commission generated by a real estate transaction may accept referrals for real estate closings from her paralegal who is also a real estate broker, provided such referrals will … Continued

Coops, Condos and COVID-19

For condominiums, cooperatives and homeowner’s associations, the novel coronavirus has presented myriad legal issues. However, dealing with COVID-19 has provided one benefit. There is now an opportunity to develop a blueprint for condominiums and cooperatives to follow when, and if, the next similar crisis occurs. It is therefore incumbent upon the practitioner to set forth … Continued

Residential Real Estate Practice Guide

Even though we all practice law in the same state, many aspects of a residential real estate transaction differ depending on where a property is located.  Particularly Upstate, closing customs and practices vary widely from one county to the next.  These practices include whether a contract is drafted by a realtor or an attorney, if … Continued