Practice Area: Government

Unfulfilled Promises for Right to Counsel

The woefully inadequate rates have resulted in a mass exodus of attorneys from assigned counsel panels and, more importantly, are argued to be reason for continuous constitutional violations of our state’s most vulnerable populations.

Inside The Trump Impeachment As It Unfolded With Stacey Plaskett

In an upcoming New York State Bar Association webinar, Rep. Stacey Plaskett, a leading prosecutor in the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump, will provide exclusive behind-the-scenes details of how she and fellow House managers made their case before the U.S. Senate and a worldwide TV audience.

Supreme Shift: What the 6-3 Conservative Majority Means Going Forward

It was a year of momentous decisions followed by the loss of an iconic justice. The immediate past term saw the Supreme Court address an unusually high number of consequential, politically charged issues. The Court rendered historic rulings on presidential immunity and accountability, free exercise of religion, LGBTQ rights, abortion rights, jury trial rights, the … Continued