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President of New York State Bar Association Calls Judge Rowan Wilson’s Historic Confirmation a Significant Milestone

Sherry Levin Wallach, president of the New York State Bar Association, issued the following statement about the state Senate’s confirmation of Judge Rowan D. Wilson as chief judge of the Court of Appeals and the State of New York: “The historic appointment and confirmation of Judge Rowan D. Wilson as New York’s first African-American chief … Continued

Vivian Wesson on AI, Facial Recognition and the Law

Technology can both help and hurt in the cause of justice. In a fascinating conversation, Vivian Wesson shares with host David Miranda how artificial intelligence and facial recognition are being used in both criminal and civil law. Wesson says the technology can unearth biases when it cannot distinguish between races of people and lead to … Continued

Commission on Judicial Nomination Seeks Applicants for Chief Judge

The Commission on Judicial Nomination will be accepting applicants for chief judge until March 7. The clerk of the Court of Appeals informed the commission that there continues to be a vacancy in the position of chief judge given the state Senate’s rejection Wednesday of Presiding Justice Hector LaSalle, Appellate Division, Second Department. The vacancy … Continued

Dealing with Implicit Bias During Jury Selection

Implicit Bias. It’s an issue we discuss often, but what does it mean in the context of choosing a jury? The Criminal Justice Section held a panel during Annual Meeting to discuss how implicit bias should be handled during voir dire. With recent changes to jury instructions including a mandatory video presented to prospective jurors, … Continued

Placing an Emphasis on the “S” in ESG

There can be a disconnect between what companies say and what they actually do in the ESG arena, which poses challenges for corporate communications with regulators, employees, investors and the public, raises the risks of litigation and heightens the need for litigation defense strategies.

What To Do When a Judge Won’t Allow Your Leading Questions

Every trial attorney faces critical decisions as to which witness or witnesses will best tell his client’s story. Calling an adverse party or a person identified with an adverse party in one’s case can be incredibly effective because one can often, through leading questions, force the other side to tell your story. Like every critical … Continued